Completed Works

Binaziz (BZ)

From the Apache: Binaziz = Eyelid

This 2000 square foot house has no connections to public utilities. The house is a passive solar design with a composting toilet, grey water capture system, and greenhouse. Water from the roof goes into a cistern and is then pumped to a 10,000 gallon tank. A pond catches run off from the mountain to be used for irrigation, swimming, and fire emergency.  PV panels and a wind generator make electricity that is stored in batteries and converted to 120 V dc with an inverter.  The shape of the house allows the sun to come in all day in the winter but shades it in the summer.  It steps down along a granite ridge draining ground water away from the house.  The curved walls give greater strength and permit winds to go around.  Exterior surfaces are galvanized steel, glass and concrete.  The interior surfaces are mostly wood, glass and stone.  The house is insulated with sprayed polyurethane foam.  Interior masonry acts as a thermal flywheel to store heat within the insulated shell.  The greenhouse can thermosyphon as needed to heat under the floors.  Hot water is heated in the greenhouse ceiling and stored in a 150 gal. stainless steel insulated tank under the bathroom.