Born:      1 March 1937, Columbus, Ohio, USA.
Parents:  Paul Josef Bogatay, 1905-72,  ceramic artist and educator;
Henrietta Beecher Cunningham, 1909,  homemaker and craftswoman.
Siblings:  Paul J. Bogatay,  Jr., 1934-56, architect, Cornell University.
Lucia Ellen Bogatay, 1942, architect, Wellesley College, Harvard GSD, presently practicing in San Francisco, CA


Glenmont Elementary School, Columbus, Ohio, 1944-46.
Kenilworth School, Phoenix, Arizona, 1946-47.
University School, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, 1947-55.
Harvard College, AB  cum laude,  Architectural Sciences,  1959.
Harvard Graduate School of Design, M. Arch., 1962:
Thesis Project:  "Residence for the Chief of State of Cambodia" :
received decorations from Norodom Sihanouk, 1962 & 1965.


William Lescaze, FAIA,  New York, NY, 1962-63 and 1965-66:
Methodist Church Peace Center at the UN:  777 Third Ave.;  200 E. 42 St.;
Rye Harbor Housing;  Goldwater  Memorial Hospital Chapels at Roosevelt Island.
Antonin Raymond, FAIA, Tokyo, Japan,  1963-65:  
Episcopal Cathedral of Tokyo;  Matsuzakaya Department Store, Tokyo;  NanzanUniversity Campus, Nagoya;  Lutheran Church Center,  Okinawa;  Tanaka Apartments, Tokyo;  Deb Apartments, Beirut, Lebanon;  Nabeshima residence, Tokyo;  Inoue Museum,Takasaki;  St. Anselm's Church, Tokyo.
Independent work in San Juan, PR, 1966:
Restoration and renovation studies in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.
I.M. Pei & Partners, New York, NY,  1967:
National Airlines Terminal at JFK Airport .
Richard Meier, FAIA,  New York, NY, 1967-69:
Westbeth Artists' Housing and Park, NYC;  Saltzman House, East Hampton, NY;         Fredonia College (SUNY)  Athletic Facilities Building, Fredonia, NY;  
West Village Planning Studies, NYC.


Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, 1969-70,  Instructor of Architectural Design.
Boston Architectural Center, Boston, MA, 1973-76, Instructor of Architectural Design.


New  York, NY,  1969-71
Boston, MA,       1972-80
Bisbee, AZ,        1981 to present.


AZ (active); MA, NY, CT, OH, MI, FL. (inactive)                                                    



AIA, 1970-1980    
NCARB  (National Council of Architectural Registration Boards) 1970-present.


Extensive travel in North and Central America, Europe and Asia.  Two years in Japan.          Functional language abilities in Japanese, French and some Spanish.

COMMISSIONS: (Over 100, Highlights below)

Haliday Apartment,  8th Fl. Carnegie Hall, NYC,  1961. Within an existing historic building.
Jasper Johns, Studio/Residence, NYC, 1965.  Within an existing bank building.
Haliday House, San Juan, PR, 1966.  Restoration and alterations to an historic building.
Shoei Japanese Restaurant, NYC, 1967.  Design & Construction.  Within an existing building.
Erikson House, Cotuit, MA, 1969-70.  Design & Construction of a new summer home.
American Plywood Association Award, 1974.
Monod Residence, Old Westbury, NY, 1971.  Re-use of an existing estate dairy.
Residence for the Treasurer of the United Nations.
Chelsea  Stores, Michigan,  eight stores, men's and women's clothing in association with
Richard S. Joslin, AIA.  Within existing buildings.
Boegner Residence, Old Westbuty, NY, 1973.  Guest House on the estate of the Phipps family, "Old Westbury Gardens."  Additions to an existing historic house.
Jasper Johns, Studio/Residence,  Cook's Apartment and Garage, and Deck Extensions,
Stony Point, NY,  1973-76.  Additions to an existing old barn, with new buildings and structures in the landscape.    
Restaurant Genji, Boston, MA, 1974-90.  Organization,  finance, design, supervision, and some construction.  Part owner of this quality restaurant.  Genji was declared a "landmark" by the city of Boston in 1991, and demolished.  Within an existing historic building.
Cafe Budapest, Boston, MA 1974.  Renovation and alterations to an existing restaurant.
Sports Saloon, Bar at the Copley Square Hotel, Boston, MA, 1975-76.
Salad Days Restaurant, Cambridge, MA, 1977.  Within an existing building.
Frank Foster Photography Studio, Boston, MA,  1978,  above Restaurant Genji.
Sister City Tea House, Boston MA, 1980.  Design within an existing building.  
Tartaglione Studio/Residence, Brooklyn, NY, 1980.  Design & Construction within an
existing historic building.
Matsumoto House, Boston, MA 1975-80.  Design & Construction of renovations and
alterations to an existing historic house.
The Long House/Studio,  Bisbee, AZ, 1981-87.  Designed and built with T. Enriquez, artist. Restoration and alterations to an existing historic building.  For Todd Bogatay.
Binaziz, Bisbee, AZ, 1981-91.  Designed and built with T. Enriquez, artist, 1981-87.  New
residence and studio of Todd Bogatay.  A passive solar, remote (no connection
with public utilities), house.  Designed to be environmentally integrated.
Restaurant Genji, Miami, FL, 1985-86.  Design and supervision of new  restaurant
and gardens in an existing shopping mall.  Part  owner of the restaurant.
Pueblo Court Condominiums, Bisbee, AZ, 1986-89.  Design & construction.  Renovation and alterations to an existing motel.  Part owner.
Riolo Residence, Santa Fe, NM, 1986-89.  Design and supervision of a new house for the Executive Director of the Santa Fe Opera Co.    
Bisbee Convention Center Hotel, Bisbee, AZ, 1987.  Preliminary design studies for a new
sixty suite hotel building.  
Old City Hall, Bisbee, AZ, 1992-95, Restoration, renovation and reconstruction of an existing building. Historic Grant Application (successful).To include two second floor professional suites, one for the offices of Bogatay/Architect; the first floor FIREHOUSE Gallery of Fine Arts.
Old County Jail, Bisbee, AZ, 1992.  Historic building Grant application (successful).  Restoration and renovation of an existing building, for use as a fine restaurant and inn (six rooms).
Pythian Castle, Bisbee, AZ, 1992.  Restoration and alterations to an existing building.
To include 6 apartments and 2 commercial/residential suites.
Conroy-Stafford Residence/Studio, Bisbee, AZ, 1992.   Design of a new passive solar, artist's studio, residence.
Municipal Swimming Pool/Youth Center.  Bisbee, AZ, 1993.  Design Studies for a new Solar Pool Enclosure and Youth Center Building around existing pool and facilities building.
Gray Ranch, Animas, NM, 1993.Design Studies for Animas Foundation Guest House.
Courtelis House, Miami, FL, 1994.  Design of new residence.
Takata, Inc., Douglas, AZ 1994-5.  New offices for manufacturer within existing warehouse.
Silver Commercial Buildings, Bisbee, AZ 1994-5.  Alterations and restoration of historic             bldgs.  Owners' apartment and studio.
Mathews Residence, Bisbee, AZ 1994-5.  Alterations and additions to an existing historic house.
Stone & Cook Residence and Shop, Bisbee, AZ 1994-5.  Alterations and additions to an existing historic house.  Including commercial space.
Suplicki Residence, Bisbee, AZ 1995-97.  Alterations and additions to an existing historic house.  Design and construction, including gardens.
Copper Queen Library, Bisbee, AZ 1995-7.  Restoration and alterations to an existing historic building.  Grant applications and fund raising.  With Albert Hopper and Brian Lockhart.
Bisbee MVD, Bisbee, AZ 1995.  Alterations to an existing building for State driver's license and vehicle inspection station, in an existing bank building.  With Brian Lockhart.
Binaziz, Sculpture Studio/workshop, Bisbee, AZ 1995-97.  Design and construction.
Van Gorp Apartments, Bisbee, AZ 1995  Design for apartments and artists' studios.  Alterations  and additions to an existing historic building.
Anderson Residence, Portal, AZ 1995.  Design of a passive solar residence.
Arizona VisionWeavers, Scottsdale, AZ 1996-7.  Design and construction of a visionary architectural exhibit/video pavilion, open summer of 1997.  Design of a solar fountain sculpture, not built.
Macartney/Tent Residence, Douglas, AZ 1996.  Design of guest house.  Alterations and additions to an existing structure.
Bogatay Architects, Bisbee, AZ 1996-9.  Design and construction of Offices, Exhibition Space, Workshop, Garage and Apartment.  Apartment.  Alterations and additions to an existing historic building.
Tombstone Territorial Trading Post.  Tombstone, AZ 1997-99.  Additions to existing stores, and mall layout.
Binaziz Shrine, Bisbee, AZ 1998-1001.  Design and construction of a shrine on an acropolis site with  landscaping.  To be used for celebrations of various kinds. Thin shell structure of ferrocement using native materials and coloring agents.
Van Gorp House, Bisbee, AZ 1998-9.  Design of a new passive solar residence.
Tombstone Territorial Trading Post, Tombstone, AZ 1999.  Design of additions and mall.
Johnson & Johnson Day Care Center, Sierra Vista, AZ.  1999.  Design of a day care center within an existing commercial building.
Minogue Chiropractic Center, Sierra Vista, AZ.  1999.  Design of chiropractic center within an existing commercial building.
The Spirit Gallery, Bisbee, AZ.  1999-2000.  Design and construction of a jewel box exhibition space within an historic neighborhood.
Anderson, Eco-Tourist Motel, study center, and campground, Portal, AZ 1999-2000.  Design studies for a new passive solar and ecologically integrated development.
Boys & Girls Club, Bisbee, AZ.  2000.  Preliminary design studies of club facilities within existing Phelps Dodge Mercantile store.  
Bisbee Chamber of Commerce, Bisbee, AZ 1999.  Design of a new visitor center in City Park.
Houses at Binaziz, Bisbee, AZ 1999-2006.  Design of three passive solar residences as part of an ecologically integrated community on 100 acres, including master plan and legal form of entity.
Senior Center, Bisbee, AZ 2001.  Design of addition and alterations to an existing building.
Kappler Residence, Bisbee, AZ 2001.  Alterations and additions to an existing house.
Malanga Residence, Bisbee, AZ 2002.  Alterations and additions to an existing house.
Greater Antioch Missionary Baptist Church, Classroom and Multipurpose Building, Huachuca City, AZ 2002-3.  
Bisbee High School Track Memorial Wall, Bisbee, AZ 2002-3.  Design of Memorial Wall
with bas relief panels and commemerative plaques.
Mountain Valley Mennonite Church, Cochise, AZ 2002.  Additions to an existing church.
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Sierra Vista, AZ 2002.  Design of new bell tower.
Desert Springs Free Will Baptist Church, Sierra Vista, AZ 2003.  Design of new sanctuary.
Gaffer Residence, Bisbee, AZ 2002-3.  Design of a new house in historic district.
Graziano Residence, Bisbee, AZ 2002.  Alterations to an existing building in historic district.
Holy Trinity Monastery, St. David, AZ 2003.  Design of new conference hall.
Shrinekeeper's House, at Binaziz, Bisbee, AZ 2003-6.  Design and construction of a small guest house.  Ecological integration using ferrocement thin shell structure.
All off the grid.  Experiment with Nansulation insulation material.  
801 Headstart House, Bisbee, AZ 2004.  Design and construction of residence within historic building with additions.  Low cost housing.
402 McKinley House, Bisbee, AZ 2004-5.  Design and construction of residence within  historic stone barn structure with additions.
498 Harrison House, Bisbee, AZ 2004-5.  Alteration and landscaping for renovated trailer.  Low cost housing.
Mathews Studio, Bisbee, AZ 2005-6.  Design of new studio/guest house in historic district.
Christopher House, Gleeson, AZ 2005-6.  Design of a large new residence with guest house for retirement of psychiatrist.
Marsh House, at Binaziz, Bisbee, AZ 2006-.  Design and construction of a new ecologically integrated residence, off the grid, for Bank of America executive for retirement.
Dulce Hogar, Bisbee, AZ 2006-.  Design studies for elderly assisted living, child day care center and cafĂ© in an existing structure with additions.
Memorial to the Bisbee Deportation of 1917 and James H. Brew, Bisbee, AZ. 2004-6. Evergreen Cemetary.  Design and construction of granite and copper memorial on the grave of James H. Brew.  Worked with John Pintek, and City of Bisbee.
Chadde Apartment, Bisbee, AZ 2005-6.  Design of new apartment within historic building.
Oetgen Apartments, Bisbee, AZ 2006.  Design of new apartments within historic building.
Nance/Rutigliano House, Bisbee, AZ 2006-.  Design of house within historic building.
Woodcook Ranch, McNeal, AZ 2006.  Design and construction of buildings and additions to a 40 acre ranch in the Sulphur Springs Valley.


My primary concerns are beauty, appropriateness, economy, the integration of the arts into architecture and the integration of architecture into the environment.  Architecture is a team effort and the architect is the leader of the team.  It is the architect's job to find the best possible help and provide inspiration in completing any project.  Consultants need to be brought in at the beginning so that their contributions may be integrated with the whole project.
Growing up in a family of artists, I learned the importance of integrating art into our lives.  My father taught me how enriching this can be and that I should show others how this works.  The creative process keeps us alive. Art is the soul of our civilization.  Architecture is both an art and a business. I am responsible for beauty and economy.
With my work I have always strived for beauty and appropriateness.  Appropriateness relates to context.  Context includes who it is for, where it is, when and how it gets to be.  This is a cooperative process.
My goal is integration.  Integration of the arts with architecture, and the integration of architecture with its environment. This is a process rather than an end result.  By approaching design this way I can be more flexible and less static. The term "organic" is sometimes used in relation to this kind of thinking;  it is used to suggest that form naturally grows out of need, use and place.  In designing my own house, I aimed to make the house a part of the landscape, and further a  part of the ecology.  I wanted it to look as though it belongs and has always been there.  I learned, in Japan, that every material has its own quality and that beauty results from using materials appropriately so that these qualities are expressed and experienced.  I learned earlier, in grade school, that "truth is beauty; beauty is truth."  This means that structure, form, surface, purpose and use can all be sources of beauty.   "A thing of beauty is a joy forever," as the old saying goes.        


Todd Bogatay, Principal Architect                      160.00/hour Design
80.00/hour Other
40.00/hour Drafting

Consultant fees, such as professional cost estimating, structural and mechanical engineering are billed to the client at cost.
Direct expenses such as travel, copies, postage, telephone and other material costs are billed to the client at cost.
Other contract arrangements such as fixed fees, and percentage of construction cost are negotiable.



Father: Paul Bogatay, sculptor and ceramic artist,  as primary teacher.
1937-72.   Integrated environments.  Varied activities with my brother & sister, including the construction of model cities, tree houses, and other projects.
University School: art dept. instructors, Jeanne Orr, Clell Cox, Victor Hoffman. 1947-55.  
Harvard: history of art, architecture, landscape architecture, and sculpture studio courses with Constantine Nivola and Mirko Basadella, 1958-62.
New York: Carnegie Hall project.  Association with Robert Wilson.1961-62.
Japan: painting studio at Raymond's Tokyo office.  Study of tea ceremony with Kinya Tsubuku.  Study of landscape design with Masahiko Sato. 1963-65.
New York: Work with Jasper Johns.  Two studios.  Shoei Restaurant.  
  1965-70.  Work with Franklin Tartaglione, artist, painter, 1975-80.
Boston: Restaurant Genji.  Rich integrated environment. Study of Zen and martial arts with Master Kim at Shim Gum Do.  1970-80.
Miami:, Restaurant Genji, association with Tomas Enriquez, artist. 1986-87.
Bisbee, AZ:  Art and Architecture. Director, Subway Gallery, Firehouse Gallery,
Long House, Binaziz, association with Tomas Enriquez, artist, 1981-87, new                 studio and office and exhibition gallery. 1981-present.
13 MAY 2000, opened the new Spirit Gallery with exhibition of quartz rock sculptures, paintings and drawings.

Drawing:  Ink, pencil, colored pencil, pastel
Painting:  Watercolors
Stained glass: two and three dimensional works.
Sculpture:  Junk metal, plaster with steel armature, cement mortar with steel reinforcing.  Quartz rock masonry with steel reinforcing.  Found wood. Balanced rocks.
Landscape:  Work at Binaziz, erosion control, dams, plantings, solar fountains,


These are artists that I am comfortable working with and with whom I have associated in the past and maintain contact.    


Jasper Johns
Peter Young
Robert Wilson
Sloan Bouchever
Franklin Tartaglione
Tomas Enriquez
Jane Motley


David Black            
Ted Breault        
Tomas Enriquez                
Rob Boucher
Ben Dale

Ceramic artists:

Peter Chartrand
Matt Last
Andy Iventosch                
Marion Sinclair
Kristin Giehl

Metal workers:

Chris Hill
Ben Dale

Light Sculpture, neon and other:

Alejandro and Maura Sina

Weaving, quilts and tapestries:

Beatrice Newman
Joan Loveless
Jane Motley


Alan Hayward

Fabric constructions and papier mache.:

Lynda Suttell

Stained Glass:

Molly Harrico